The Rosyth Estate House

The Rosyth Estate with its 1926 colonial planter’s bungalow is set in a 62 acre private tea and rubber plantation and offers outstanding accommodation and stunning views. More...


The Rosyth Estate House, a boutique hotel, offers guests the opportunity to experience the beauty and culture of rural Sri Lanka. Explore the estate, visit the local tea factory, chill by the pool or simply enjoy the views. Savour the delights of authentic Sri Lankan and fusion cuisine prepared by very skilled chefs. Facilities include Spa, sunrise Yoga, swimming pool and library.


As well as the main crops of tea and rubber, a whole range of fruits, vegetables and spices grow on the property, including coconut, mango, papaya, jack fruit, pepper and cloves

Key Information
Rooms 11
Location Kegalle
Transfer Private car 2 hours
Children Yes
Ideal for Couples Family Estate activities
Meal Plan HB
USP Tea factory
  • Family rooms
  • Spa
  • WiFi
  • Yoga
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Our comments

A must for any tour of Sri Lanka.
This is a working estate in a rural setting where you are made to feel like you are visiting a friend’s private property